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What is the absorbance value of a material or product?


The sound absorption coefficient α (also called absorption value) indicates how much of the incident sound is absorbed. α=0 means there is no absorption, all the incident sound is reflected. At α=0.5 50% of the sound energy is absorbed and 50% reflected. At α=1, all incident sound is absorbed.

​Why is Resounds material so effective?

In addition to our choice of materials, where we have looked especially at materials that are already extremely absorbent in themselves, we have looked from the beginning how we can use as little material and visual impact as possible.
in space, get the best effect. Our innovative design plays the leading role here.
By creating an air bridge (read: hollow space between wall and panel) we use both the front and back as absorption surface. This means that we have up to 25% more absorbent surface than when panels are placed directly against a wall. And so less material will be needed per project.

What are our results?

Due to the innovative combination of the 3 materials that absorb the sound extremely well, our Interior material has an acoustic absorption value of α = 1. In the graph below you can see that also score well in both the medium and high frequencies.  

What about the fire safety?

Of course, there are also other things that are important, such as the fire safety of a product. 

Our products have been tested according to the EN ISO 11925-2 standard. This is the standard used to test the flammability of a product by direct impact of small flames. Not unimportant, if you know that one of our main components is cardboard. 

This standard determines in which fire class the product ends up, with those fire classes you can compare different materials with each other.


Our acoustic wall panels achieve a class E. (Further testing will take place soon)
We achieve this class thanks to the fire-retardant processing we have done on the cover of the acoustic panels. (ecologically natural, based on a salt solution and
without unnecessary chemicals)

Need an acoustic improvement?

Let's meet! 
During a free introductory meeting we look together at where the problems are and how we can solve them.

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