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Meet interior

Optimize your space with Re-Sound Interior, a complete acoustics enhancement solution. This starter package, including core material, a cover and the complete mounting system, offers not only easy installation but also the very best soundproofing quality for interiors.
Thanks to its modular design, this wall system is fully customizable to your specific needs.
Moreover, it is made of recycled and organic materials. 

Create your own - high impact, modular acoustic wall panel system

Innovative acoustic solutions

Per set of 3 modules

Download the "choose your style" brochure.

Great sound absorption

With a sound absorption coefficient of 1, Re-Sound Interior guarantees an effective solution to your acoustic challenges. Both high and low frequency sound is effectively absorbed.

The high efficiency requires only limited material input, with minimal visual impact for impressive results. 


Order Interior now!

Starting from €387 excl. BTW

Create your own composition and soon enjoy a pleasant, productive space already.

Or order online quickly and securely.

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