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What is the difference between acoustic absorption and insulation?

Acoustic absorption products ensure that the sound waves are absorbed. This means that the background noises and echoes are " filtered out " from the room. Acoustic insulation, on the other hand  ensures that the sound waves cannot pass through the material and ensures that you can make rooms soundproof.


What does circular mean to us?

Circular means that all materials and connection techniques are selected in such a way that they can be reused. At Resound we are continuously working on new techniques so that the product or parts thereof can be reused in new products or given a second life as a raw material.


What influences the acoustics in a room?

The acoustics in a room are influenced by many factors. The main way to improve acoustics is to choose the right materials. Soft, absorbent materials (e.g. a mat, curtain, ...)  provide good acoustics against hard, smooth materials (eg tiled floor, parquet floor, ...) that reflect the sound waves and thus generate or even amplify echoes, reverberations and background noises.


Where can resound panels be used?

Resound 's products can be used in office spaces, waiting areas, meeting rooms and at home to filter out the irritating background noises from the room. 


How many products do I need to improve my space?

The general rule is that you should have about 25% of your floor area as acoustic material for the best results. So, for example, if you have a living room of 30m², then for the best result you would place 9m² of acoustic material (≈ 9 Resound interior start packages)


What are the benefits of acoustics improvement?

Nothing is more unprofessional, disruptive and distracting than unnecessary background noise and echoes. Improved acoustics mean higher productivity, less stress and better general well-being. 

05 Hoeveel panelen heb ik nodig voor mijn ruimte te verbeteren?

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