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Our vision

Circularity made simple

Resound: Acoustic improvement in a sustainable and stylish way. We use an environmentally friendly and social working method to be a pioneer in a circular future.

How do we do business in a circular way?

As a circular company, we resolutely opt for local suppliers who can offer sustainable materials. For example, our fabrics are recycled from post-consumer waste streams. Corporate social responsibility is central to our way of thinking and working. The materials are therefore also produced and assembled in Belgium and the Netherlands. Our office is also part of our strategy, we work on 100% green electricity, we minimize the amount of waste both during and after production and we take back written off products in order to reuse the materials or recycle them properly. In this way we ensure that the materials can once again complete the green circle. 


We try to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible on the world and our sector. Resound strives to be a pioneer in its sector by giving priority to circular operation.

akoestiekverbetering op milieuvriendelijke manier
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