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At Resound, we are extremely committed to making a positive contribution both environmentally and socially. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is deeply woven into all of our business activities.

Whether it is the fully circular design of our products or the strategic partnerships we enter into, such as those with companies like Van de Velde, we are always striving to move forward.

To clearly frame our sustainable efforts, we use the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs in short, developed by the United Nations. This framework allows us to make an independent assessment of our business, identifying where we are and where there are still opportunities for improvement.

In reality, our focus is specifically on 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Circular, what's in a name?

At Resound, we go all-in on circularity. We use only sustainable or recycled materials for our acoustic panels, which on top of that are made entirely in Belgium. When the panels are no longer needed, we simply take them back and reuse, refurbish or recycle all materials while preserving their value.


We make sure that after a thorough check, all materials get a second life in new products or are properly recycled. Just another step toward a more sustainable, circular approach to manufacturing and reuse.

environmentally friendly

We walk our talk.


made with recycled and organic materials


made for disassembly

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