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Close the loop

Resound wants to get rid of environmentally polluting acoustic improvements and has launched this sustainable alternative on the market. Resound's products consist of recycled materials and are 100% recyclable thanks to the chosen connection methods.

And there's more. We work completely circular.

Circular, what's in a name?

Resound works completely circularly. We strive to use only sustainable or recycled raw materials for our acoustic panels. Production takes place entirely in Belgium. We also ensure that all 'discarded' goods are reused. Is your module due for replacement? Or do you no longer need the product? Then you can simply return the panels to us or bring them to us.

Do you return the products to us? Then we ensure that all materials, after a thorough quality control, are reused in new products or recycled in the right way. 

How do we handle this?

environmentally friendly

Materialen recycleren

Reuse parts, products and materials

We reuse the returned products in new applications. Different shape, different size, different color. Everything is possible. We avoid as much as possible that discarded products end up in the landfill.

Local production

All our materials are produced in Belgium and the Netherlands, through strong collaborations with our partners.
The assembly of our products, the production of both the core plate and the cover, also takes place in Belgium. To this end, we work closely with the social economy for the parts that we cannot produce ourselves.

Akoestiek op ecologische manier

Recycle the materials

If the material cannot be reused, we ensure that the materials are recycled correctly. For example, we again extract raw materials for new panels or covers.

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