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Sexy acoustic solutions? It is possible!

Modern office spaces are often haunted by excessive noise, which can affect employee concentration and well-being. Re-sound has developed a range of innovative acoustic products to restore peace in meeting rooms, offices and multi-purpose areas. These products are manufactured locally, with only recycled or organic materials.

To achieve this, we entered into a strategic partnership with Van de Velde, the leading lingerie company which includes brands such as PrimaDonna, Marie Jo and Andres Sarda. In this way, we -almost literally- turn lingerie into new office furniture.

Peace and comfort for working environments

Our products are designed to promote a sense of peacefulness and comfort in working environments. Improved acoustics not only contribute to better concentration but also increase the overall productivity and well-being of employees.

"This new partnership allows us to provide high quality and sustainable acoustic solutions while making a positive impact on the furniture industry. We strongly believe in the circular economy and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint"

- Emphasizes Aaron Thierens, founder of Re-sound.

circular economy as our basis

At Re-sound, we strongly believe in a circular economy, where waste is minimized and valuable materials are reused. Our approach is not only environmentally friendly but also socially responsible. We are determined to be a pioneer in the transition to a circular future. An important step we can now add to our circular approach is the use of leftover materials from Van de Velde, which might otherwise remain unused.

This collaboration gives Re-sound the opportunity to transform unused materials into innovative acoustic solutions for various sectors, a clear example of upcycling in action.

a sustainable partnership with impact

Van de Velde, the leading lingerie company from Schellebelle, is excited about the possibility of repurposing unused fabrics in a responsible way.

"We have always strived to sustainably valorize reststreams. It is a pleasure to work with Re-sound and have a new channel to realize this. It is a new application in which our raw materials retain their high value."

- Lieve Vermeire, Sustainability manager at Van de Velde.

The strategic partnership between Re-sound and Van de Velde represents an important step toward a more circular economy, focusing on efficiency and optimal use of valuable raw materials. Together, these companies continue to strive for a more sustainable future for the workplace and furniture industry in general.

This is another step in our pioneering role to help shape office design in a sustainable, fair, and a bit sexy way.

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