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How do you start your working week? with a smile or with a deep sigh, waiting for Friday already?

5 tips for improving your office

How do I improve my workspace?

The desire to work is closely related to how inspiring your workplace is. Can you work there in peace and quiet or do you have to talk loudly to get over your colleagues? Your workplace is one of the most important places, because you spend +- 8 hours a day there. Making sure this place is quiet and productive is a must.
In response to theInternational Improve your office daywe give you 5 hands-on tips that you can apply to make your workplace more fun, comfortable and productive.













1 - Provide green in the workplace
What plants or flowers do wonders! They not only provide the finishing touch to your office interior, but also give a kind of liveliness and a calm vibe in the office. They reduce stress and increase productivity. (if you don't forget to take care of them of course)

2 - Too loud is a no-go
A quiet workplace starts with aquiet and serene environment. If the space is not quiet and if there is noise from outside or from colleagues among themselves, you cannot create a good, quiet and productive workspace. There are many factors that influence the quietness of an environment. First and foremost there is the acoustics, which have to be good enough. If someone is on the phone, it is not necessary for the entire office building to be able to follow this conversation. You can improve this a lot with small interventions: just think of separate rooms per person,payphones oracoustic improvement. When the space itself is already calm and serene, it's much easier to properly set up your workspace without sacrificing quality.

3 - Ergonomics is everything
An ergonomic workplace is the beginning of everything. From avoiding back, neck and so many more complaints, to making sure that you as an employee enjoy coming to work.
A first step you can take to make your workplace ergonomic is to see whether the chair you use is adjustable: can you adjust the armrests to the right height? Is there support in the lower back? Can you adjust the back part in height etc.
It is also necessary to check whether your screen is at the right height, can you observe everything on your screen without bending or looking up?
Isn't this the case? Then it is necessary to invest in this, use a screen that is adjustable in height, or provide a laptop stand so that you can adjust the screen to the correct height yourself.

4 - Order and tidiness
Also make sure that your workspace is tidy and neat, this ensures
for a calm feeling both physically and mentally. When everything is in order and
in the right place, it is easier to relax and be productive
to get started. You are less distracted and you immediately find everything.
This is also a huge plus when customers come to your desk
and they will see that you are ordered and will rank you higher because of this.

In an office environment, where people perform “sedentary work”, you sit down on average 8 to 9 hours a day. It is recommended to alternate as much as possible between sitting, standing, walking, etc. You can achieve this by, for example, going to the printer, having a coffee or chatting with your colleagues at another shift. Alternating between sitting and moving also has a huge impact on your productivity: your blood circulation is strengthened and you will get through your day fresher and healthier. An even better option for this is asit-stand desk, you can choose how you work: sitting, standing, walking, ... .

Do you want to know more about how you can turn an ordinary office into a quiet and productive workplace? Please feel free to contact us and we will look together at how we can optimize the acoustics.

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