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closing our loop

As a pioneer in producing circular acoustic solutions, it is important that we really take that leadership role. Our circularity is only as strong as the return logistics that ensure that our materials, products and parts come back to us for reuse. 


Right from the design stage, we looked at how to do this practically and specifically chose different interventions to make this possible:

  • We use special yarn to connect our products together. This allows us to take apart the parts afterwards very quickly and without many operations and reuse each material on its own.

  • We have added a QR/NFC label to our parts so that -when they are read- we can see over and over again what the composition is, and how we can then reuse each part again

  • We organize the take-back of our products ourselves, this way we can be short on time and, together with our partners, close our circle completely.

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